About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve Christ by providing living accommodations and human care, with special concern for a person’s dignity and well-being.  We will strive to treat each Resident and Tenant with respect in a cheerful, loving atmosphere that will encourage a positive attitude among and between those who are served and those who do the serving.  We will always be sympathetic to our Residents’ needs and problems while letting our love for each other shine through for all to see.  We will stand-by our motto of being a Christian Caring Community.

Core Values

  • Committed to Care

          -Residents are involved in their care

          -Lights are answered as a top priority

          -Care plans guide actions

          -Resident growth is our aim

          -Prayer is care

          -Every position supports our commitment to care

         -Care extends outside our Home in many ways

  • Focus on the Family

          -Rich communication and systematic interaction is our normal

          -Activities are available for families and residents to share

          -Family plans are strategized and coordinated (beyond traditional care plans)

          -Family members are VIPs

          -Professionalism in everything



Our 24-hour Nursing Care Facility works diligently at providing excellence in top quality services including:

Opportunities for spiritual enrichment

The Chaplain brings the counsel, healing, and comfort of Gods word to our residents. Weekly worship services and Bible study are held. Encouragement and hope are brought to residents through prayer and the sharing of God’s word during personal visits. The Chaplain offers Holy Communion regularly to residents who are members of the LCMS, and ministers individually to residents lacking support of a local Christian church. Residents are encouraged to seek spiritual support, including participation in Holy Communion, from their home congregations or pastors. PLH offers a monthly worship service led by local non-LCMS clergy.

Compassionate nursing care

Tender, loving care is a way of life for our dedicated licensed nurses and certified nurse aides. Excellence in nursing care begins with a one-on-one relationship between staff and residents.  Our nursing staff is here to provide quality, professional care for our Residents.  From bathing, to medications, to sitting with a Resident who just needs a little extra tlc, we are here to proudly serve!  We are also trained to provide information and/or education on your medical status.  Just ask us and we will be happy to explain the chemistry of it all to the best of our abilities.

Preparing food that is nutritious and eye appealing

Delicious food is prepared each day in our spotless kitchens. Special attention is given to planning attractive and nutritious menus for our residents, emphasizing the likes and dislikes of each resident. In addition, attention is given to special dietary requirements residents may have. For some residents, meals are provided on a one-to-one basis by staff. Snacks are available at any time residents feel the need for refreshment. Our Dietary staff also is to be commended for providing seasonal decorations and a pleasant environment.  Guests are always welcome!  Please notify the business office in advance where you can also pay the small fee for your meal.  Breakfast, lunch or supper are provided at a cost of $4.00 per person while the noon meal on Sundays, Holidays is served up at a price of $7.00.

Activities that nurture the physical and social well being of our residents

Musical groups and soloists, bowling, movies, children’s presentations, special entertainment, and barbecues are all a normal part of the residents’ activities. Residents enjoy van rides, manicures, exercises, sing-a-longs, current events and everyone’s favorite – Bingo. The Activity Department is very dedicated to motivation and promoting various activities for the residents to enjoy which are also therapeutic and works closely with our rehabilitation staff.  Our activity department functions with the attitude of the more the merrier!  If you would like to join in on the fun, please check out our calendar provided on this website.

Keeping our resident’s clothing clean

The Laundry Department is indeed an important aspect of care given to our residents. Staff is responsible for the well-kept appearance of our residents and the fresh linens provided throughout the Home for bedding and bathing.

Keeping our building clean

Our housekeepers work diligently and effectively at keeping not only resident rooms clean but also all other areas of the Home sparkling and attractive as well as odor-free. Our Housekeeping staff also follows a regular schedule of painting our resident rooms.

Maintaining the buildings, grounds, and furnishings in top working condition

From mowing grass to shoveling snow; repairing a light switch to overhauling an air conditioner, oiling electric motors, to inserting a washer in a faucet; requires our Maintenance Department to be very diverse in a wide range of talents.

Educating employees, families, and volunteers

One of the ways in which we support the needs of our residents is by providing our employees with educational opportunities to equip them for their very important, individual tasks and improves the quality of their service. We also stand ready to provide support groups and educational opportunities for families as these might be needed or beneficial.