Becoming Part of Our Home







We would love to have you as part of our family and there are many ways that you can be involved.  If you or a loved one are experiencing some difficulties living independently in your community, we invite you to join ours.  We provide multiple levels of care.  Assisted Living is where the Resident would still have a lot of independence but we are here to help.  Our apartments are each equipped with individual shower/bathing facilities and a small kitchenette.  Another level of care is the Long Term Care.  At this level, more care and oversight is furnished and independence is encouraged.  Finally, we also offer our Special Care Unit that is a certified CCDI (Chronic Confusion Dementing Illness) or Memory Care Unit.  Here we are able to assist those with memory or behavioral issues the care that they deserve.  Please see the “Our Facility” page and “Assisted Living” page for more information on our services and accommodations.  Below are the applications for admission.  We encourage you to prepare the application most suited to your needs and bring it with you when you come in for a tour though information packets including the applications are always available at the main entrance.  Please note that the application for the Long term Care covers the SCU as well.


As a Christian Caring Community, we make it a priority to open our doors to anyone in need. This fosters a great environment but also creates some financial challenges. Being a non-profit organization means revenue is put back toward the daily operation.  As we constantly focus on updating our home, increasing our reach, and maintaining operations our reimbursement levels do not cover all of these costs. This is why we ask that you consider making a special monetary gift to the Perry Lutheran Home. Please do not hesitate to let us know how you would like your donation used. If you have any questions about alternative ways you can help the Lutheran Home, please reach out by sending an email to



Additionally, we really encourage you to visit our home as a volunteer.  There are assorted activities that you can help with for various sizes of groups or just getting to know a resident on a one-to-one basis.  Lutheran Home residents thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and have many entertaining stories.  Swing by to learn more, or fill out the application below to get started!


Our facility is constantly growing and changing, so we are always open to meeting new talent.  If you have interest in learning more about employment opportunities, please stop by or print and prepare the application below as it will help lay the groundwork for your proposal.  Review the “Contact Us” page to decide which Department Head would be most applicable for you to speak with when you come to see our home.