Memory Care


Established with Christian values,
Led by our hearts and faith,
We will lovingly provide expert care for individuals and families suffering from dementia,
To bring hope to every day and meaning to every life.

1571_fish_LoOur specialty dementia-trained staff led by our Certified Dementia Trainer will work to employ practices that nurture person-centered care and help foster a homelike environment. The Perry Lutheran Home has the unique ability to care for people with dementia throughout the whole progression.

  • We can meet the early stage needs in our dementia-specific assisted living apartments at Spring Valley Campus.
  • As our tenants progress and need more care, they are able to take advantage of our secure wing, for the middle stages. This award-winning wing, St. James Place, features state-of-the-art stimulus stations to keep the residents engaged and stimulated in a homelike setting.
  • In the late stages, we are able to accommodate our residents’ needs in St. John’s Place with a lower stimulus environment.


For more information contact 515-465-5342